Bible Study With Jairus – Numbers 8

https://soundcloud.com/littlerecorder/bible-study-with-jairus-numbers-8 Bible Study with Jairus – Numbers 8 Numbers 8 has two different stories. The first story is about Jehovah instructing Moses and Aaron how to place the lamps in the golden lampstand.  Numbers...

Bible Study With Jairus – Numbers7

https://soundcloud.com/littlerecorder/bible-study-with-jairus-numbers-7 Bible Study with Jairus - Numbers 7 After our Bible meeting finished, we were still puzzled over Numbers 7. We didn’t understand some of the questions in this chapter. For example, the twelve...

Bible Study With Jairus – Revival is Coming to China

Bible Study With Jairus – Revival is Coming to China

I was born and raised in China in the 1970s. While there, I never dreamed of becoming a Christian. I ended up leaving my country in my early twenties to study abroad. I went to London to study at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). While I was in London, some people preached the gospel to me and I became somewhat convicted that I was a sinner. Although convicted, I did not know how to become a Christian. I continued with my schooling.