I dreamed about a shoe and I was told in the dream I could grow vegetables using this shoe so I went to wash the shoe. I was also told in the dream I could put flour in a white hat, then we could make dumplings that the Japanese like to eat. So I put the dough into the white hat.

After that I traveled with some people to Mexico, with one man was guiding me on the way. We went to a few places, one was seemed like Canjun. I was brought to a place with stairs and somebody asked me, “do you want to have deeper experience?” I agreed, and I was brought to a room after climbing some stairs while other people had to remain outside.

Next, the same man who had guided me before brought me to other places but I don’t remember them. He also brought me to wrestle with some world leaders; I remember Shinzō Abe was one of them. My relationship with them grew closer through wrestling. I was covered in sweat as well due to the wrestling.


This dream is fragmented. There are a lot of details that I can’t remember or can’t connect anymore. I can only talk about a few details that left a deep impression on me.

The first detail is growing vegetables in shoes. Shoes in prophetic dreams often represent the gospel. As Ephesians 6:15 mentions, “As shoes for your feet, having put on the readiness given by the gospel of peace.” (ESV)  You can’t grow vegetables in shoes, but that is what happened in my dream. I heard someone say that if you dream of a bird flying, it is probably not a prophetic dream. But if you dream of an elephant flying, it may be a prophetic dream. This means that exaggerated pictures or words are often used as metaphors in prophetic dreams. Growing vegetables in shoes is an exaggeration, as is putting flour in a white hat. Usually flour is put in a bag or a flour cylinder, but rarely in a hat. But this dream portrays putting flour in a white hat, which can be used to make dumplings that the Japanese people like to eat.

I also saw that the white hat was filled with kneaded dough. I think this means that it is difficult to preach the gospel to the Japanese people. God will give us special wisdom that will help us know how to preach the gospel in a way that is acceptable to the Japanese people.

After this, I travelled to Mexico. I don’t understand what this means. But the dream about wrestling with Shinzo Abe made a deep impression on me. Through the many different prophetic dreams God has given me, I found that God often uses sports illustrations, such as wrestling, basketball, and table tennis, to signify the spiritual battles between Christians and the forces of darkness. This is one of the ways God speaks to me through many prophetic dreams.

Shinzo Abe may represent unbelieving Japanese people. The person wrestling with me may represent a spiritual battle between us. Paul said, “We do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (ESV, Ephesians 6:12). The wrestling in this verse is spiritual warfare, demonstrating that wrestling indeed represents spiritual warfare.

We want to wrestle with the forces of darkness, but we also need to love sinners. I wrestled with Shinzo Abe and others for a long time in my prophetic dream, and even sweated. But I feel that I became closer to them. In addition to pictorial languages, many prophetic dreams are also spiritual experiences. These spiritual experiences may be beyond our understanding in the realm of the flesh. In the spirit, we are not limited by time, place, or flesh. God can transcend time and place to give us experiences in the spirit. Perhaps these dreams will help us in situations we will encounter in the material world in the future.

Note: I started having prophetic dreams more often beginning in 2015 and a number of these dreams were about Japan. I remember some of these dreams clearly and I wrote them down immediately when I woke up. However, some of them were a little vague so I omitted a few dreams I had about Japan. I am not sure if they are really from the Lord. But some of these dreams are wild enough for a Chinese person to be dreaming about at all.  For those who may not be aware, there is still much tension between Chinese and Japanese people because of Japan previously invading China.

I’m still new to prophetic dreams so I may not understand all of them currently. However, I still felt I should write and share them to encourage those who have a burden to preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. If you understand the meaning behind any of these dreams, you are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan and the Japanese people. God loves them enough to die for them, so they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. I do believe one thing from these dreams and that is the coming of a great revival in Japan and this revival will come to China later. I personally feel this revival in Japan is a sign of the coming great revival in China and the latter will spread all over the world. The reason I believe this revival in Japan will come to China is also based on one of dreams below. These are my personal convictions as I am not sure if my interpretation is correct.


Jairus, written on June 25th, 2018 in Washington DC