I went back to sleep at 4:30am and suddenly I saw fire in the heavens and it seemed very far away and it was comprised of many different colors. Then I realized it could be God and I remembered that people will feel fear when they see God. I did have that fear with me later. Then I was lifted up like in a rocket, and as I was traveling up I heard a broadcast. It could have been broadcasted in Chinese but I don’t remember. I realized I was not in a dream but more like in a vision. I thought I was not sleeping and I realized my baby maybe crying. Later, I was probably brought to China and then Japan after that. I forgot many of the scenes in China but I found I was skating on a skating shoe with a wheel in a Japanese mall. I was very tall and I felt I was on a stilts and underneath them was a wheel. I was traveling very fast in the mall and a Japanese lady yelled at me “you cannot skate in the mall!” but I went on towards a door and I remember thinking I needed to lower my body so I could pass through the door without stopping. But I woke up later and I don’t remember if I passed through the door but I felt I was out of that mall.


There is a difficulty regarding prophetic dreams and visions. We often see many things, but only fragments remain in our memory, making it difficult to understand the prophetic dream or vision. But this does not mean that we cannot understand God’s message.

Archaeologists face the same challenges. When archaeologists study the past, they often obtain fragments of historical records and information. Good archaeologists are able to use these fragments to piece together an accurate picture of history.

We experienced ten years of infertility. We got our miracle baby in February 2017. I had this dream on April 10th of that year. My baby was just two months old at the time, so she often woke up to nurse at night. This is a prophetic dream I had in the early morning after nursing.

As I mentioned before, one of the reasons God gives us prophetic dreams is to give us burdens and guidance. After we understand the message God is trying to get across, the dreams will no longer repeat. But if you don’t understand the message of God, you may still have this recurring dream. For example, I had many different prophetic dreams of filming a movie. After having dozens of this type of dream, I finally realized that this might be something God wants me to do in the future. I began to pray and prepare my heart, and then I no longer had this dream.

Why does God speak to us through dreams? One of the reasons is that these ideas are beyond our imagination. In colloquial language, we might say, “It’s off our radar.” Although I majored in media and journalism, I never thought about shooting movies, because the professional skills and money required to shoot a movie are considerable. Similarly, I had never thought about preaching the gospel in Japan. Through the images in the prophetic dreams, God got my attention and gave me a burden for Japan. I began to pray about and prepare for a possible future ministry in Japan.I have had many heavenly dreams and experiences of being taken to different places in the spirit. The different ways I have entered heaven and been taken to different places are too many to enumerate. However, this was the first time I was taken to a tunnel. It was very fast, as though a rocket was rising. Then I was taken to some other places in China, but unfortunately, I don’t remember the details of this part. Perhaps this is not the focus of what God wanted to speak to me through this dream.

The detail that made a deep impression on me is that I was taken to a large shopping mall in Japan. Large shopping malls can represent Japan’s secular society, which can explain why a gospel atmosphere generally does not exist in Japanese society.

I seemed to be walking on stilts with skates underneath. This kind of picture can represent the miraculous power of our preaching in Christ. This can also explain that one day God will miraculously lead me to preach the gospel in Japan.

A woman shouted, “You can’t slide at the lobby,” which represents the difficulties and opposition we face in preaching the gospel in Japan. But I walked through a door on stilts with wheels. This is a picture that shows I don’t need to stop. God will open a miraculous door for me to preach the gospel in Japan. If God opens the door for us, no one can stand against us.

These are prophetic words. Prophetic words, like all the prophetic words in the Bible, need to reconcile with our faith in order to be fulfilled. For example, God promised the Israelites that would enter the Promised Land, but because some people did not have faith, their dead bodies fell in the wilderness and they were not able to enter the Promised Land. Because Caleb and Joshua had faith, God’s prophetic words were fulfilled in their lives.

We often receive prophetic words. But if we just sit around without any active effort or faithful deeds, the fulfilment will not be automatic. Prophetic words give us a picture of faith and hope, showing what God has prepared for us. We must pray and prepare ourselves in faith to keep up with God’s prophetic words.

Some brothers and sisters in traditional churches are not open to prophetic dreams and visions, so they suffer losses and cannot understand God’s leading sometimes. Prophetic dreams and visions are pictorial languages. They will help us break through obstacles in our minds and better understand God’s words. We have accepted many traditional concepts in our teachings. These concepts sometimes hinder our minds and prevent us from clearly understanding God’s leading. Therefore, we should not completely dismiss prophetic dreams and visions. This is just one of the ways that God speaks to us through pictorial language.

Note: I started having prophetic dreams more often beginning in 2015 and a number of these dreams were about Japan. I remember some of these dreams clearly and I wrote them down immediately when I woke up. However, some of them were a little vague so I omitted a few dreams I had about Japan. I am not sure if they are really from the Lord. But some of these dreams are wild enough for a Chinese person to be dreaming about at all.  For those who may not be aware, there is still much tension between Chinese and Japanese people because of Japan previously invading China.

I’m still new to prophetic dreams so I may not understand all of them currently. However, I still felt I should write and share them to encourage those who have a burden to preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. If you understand the meaning behind any of these dreams, you are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan and the Japanese people. God loves them enough to die for them, so they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. I do believe one thing from these dreams and that is the coming of a great revival in Japan and this revival will come to China later. I personally feel this revival in Japan is a sign of the coming great revival in China and the latter will spread all over the world. The reason I believe this revival in Japan will come to China is also based on one of dreams below. These are my personal convictions as I am not sure if my interpretation is correct.


Jairus, written on June 25th, 2018 in Washington DC