Revival is Coming to China

A Message for the Body of Christ

Sean Song, March 11, 2021

My name is Sean Song. I also have a nickname, Jairus, which comes from the name of my ministry, Jairus Bible World Ministries. There is something in my heart that I want to share with you about a revival that is coming. Before I do that, I want to share a little background about me.

God Cares

I was born and raised in China in the 1970s. While there, I never dreamed of becoming a Christian. I ended up leaving my country in my early twenties to study abroad. I went to London to study at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). While I was in London, some people preached the gospel to me and I became somewhat convicted that I was a sinner. Although convicted, I did not know how to become a Christian. I continued with my schooling.

The following year, students were given the option to finish their second year at the University of Southern California in the United States. I felt I was supposed to go, but I struggled a lot with my decision because I did not have much money. Despite a long struggle with myself, I got my Visa to the United States and decided to take a chance with only $300 in my pocket after purchasing a one-way ticket. When I arrived there, I had to face the reality that I might not be able to survive in the USA. When it was time to register for the semester, I began to panic at the register’s office thinking I could not possibly survive. I had no money to pay tuition and no money to pay rent. If I registered, I had to pay them with money I didn’t have; if I quit right then, I would have to return to China where I would try to work out a deal to finish my degree. I didn’t know what to do.

I struggled the entire day with my decision. At the end of the day, I sat down on a curb by a road and prayed a prayer. Nobody taught me how to pray, but I prayed in my deepest being. I said to God, “God, I’m such a sinner. Do you still remember me?” After this prayer, I felt peace. I decided I would find a place to buy a ticket to go back to China. Before I did, a miracle happened. A Chinese Christian from a local church group associated with Watchmen Nee and Witness Lee invited me to their campus. They had an on-campus ministry and off-campus student housing. This new Christian friend introduced me to other Christians living there and they offered me a place to stay. They even prayed with me about my school situation. This group of people led me to the Lord. They also brought me to my school’s department to talk with the program director to work out a plan for completing my degree. I was able to stay and finish my degree at USC, and this was the first of many miracles I have experienced since then. I spent 13 years in the Local Church Movement (the denomination to which this church group was affiliated), and I was baptized there in 2002.

Lukewarm to Zealous

In 2004, an awakening happened among Chinese speaking persons in the Local Church Movement in New Jersey. A year before this, in 2003, I overheard a testimony of a Chinese Christian man—a lukewarm one—becoming radically changed after receiving a training at a conference. I heard the Holy Spirit tell me at that moment, “You’re going to go in 2004 and you will experience a radical change as well.” I listened to the voice and I went with expectation to this revival conference in 2004 in New Jersey. During that meeting, people were asked to dedicate themselves to the Lord. I struggled again because I didn’t know what dedication meant; I had only been a believer for a year. I had a lot of worry and I didn’t even believe what they preached—that the Lord would one day come back. Although I had a hard time believing this, the positive atmosphere there pushed me to consider dedicating myself to the Lord. That evening I knelt to pray. I said to the Lord, “Jesus, if you are coming back for real, I want you to reveal yourself to me so I can dedicate myself to You.”

That night I had a strange encounter. I was in a half-awake state, and I had a vision or a dream. I saw two persons fighting intensely for my heart, and the stronger one won. I literally felt pain in my physical heart afterward. The next day during our church service, I suddenly saw heaven open in front of me, and Jesus spoke to me. He said, “When my body is built up, I will come back.” This encounter changed me dramatically! I went from being a lukewarm Christian to a zealous follower of Christ. I started pursuing the Lord earnestly. I wanted to serve him in a greater way, but I never thought that God would call me beyond my denomination to serve him.

During my time in the LCM church, I pursued living a holy lifestyle and being faithful to God and my wife. I had been married for almost 8 years by 2014. Unfortunately, despite every attempt at having a baby, my wife and I remained childless. My wife had a fertility issue and we tried everything to correct it. We attempted IVF (in vitro fertilization) four to five times, Chinese herbs, and sought help from all kinds of doctors in the USA and in China. We just couldn’t get pregnant. A lot of tears were shed during this time.

The LCM is a denomination that stresses holiness and knowledge of the Bible. They helped me immensely to mature in my understanding and application of God’s Word, but they didn’t talk much about divine healing and prophecy like in Pentecostal and Charismatic churches. I tried to receive healing for my wife through my leaders there, but they just could not offer me a prophetic word or a miracle because they didn’t practice or believe in these gifts of the Holy Spirit. So, in 2014, I started secretly listening to charismatic preachers online. Gradually, I began to realize that the gifts are real and still available for believers today.

Before attending another conference held by Elijah List in 2016, I read a book by one of the speakers, Chuck Pierce. In his book, “God’s Unfolding Battle Plan,” Pierce recalls a visitation he had with the Lord in the 1980s. God told him what China would be like in 2006 and that there would be a great revival coming to China in the future that would spread all over their country. I was just going to the conference to receive healing for my wife, but God had much more in store! That day I received a prophetic promise directly from God that I would have a baby in 2016 (which came true); I received an anointing that day to clearly hear God henceforth; and I received the beginnings of being commissioned to be part of this soon coming revival to China.

A Revival Among the Chinese

I started this article by stating that there is something in my heart that I wish to share with you. It’s this: the revelation that God has given me regarding the great revival that is soon approaching. When I came home from this conference, the Lord began to speak with me more about this in the form of dreams and visions. One day I was walking the streets of Washington D.C. thinking about this great revival and suddenly, the Holy Spirit asked me, “What is a great revival?” I was surprised because I never heard him speak so clearly! I immediately replied in my spirit, “I heard that one out of 10 Chinese people have already converted to Christianity. Isn’t this already a great revival?” Immediately, the Holy Spirit asked another question, “How about two out of ten?” I was shocked again by the clarity with which the Holy Spirit spoke. In a very short time, I had a calculation. That would be the equivalent of another 100 million Chinese people. At that moment, I believe the Holy Spirit intended to challenge me with his questions to open my perspective. Please note that I do not think He only meant that two out of ten Chinese people will be saved. Later, I met a Korean prophet who confirmed what the Holy Spirit spoke to me on that day. He said, “God will have you go back to China to go all over China to teach the Word of God and be part of this revival.” He also said that the 21st century is a century that God will use to evangelize China.

God Shows Me More

Although I have no idea how this great revival of China will happen, on the last day of 2017 I was taken into heaven in a prophetic dream. An old Chinese lady, whom I did not initially recognize as the Lord, appeared to me. We flew for quite a while together. Then we entered the skies above China. I was able to see houses of many Chinese people living there, but the houses had no ceiling. As we flew, I could see multitudes of people living in these houses. Then I was brought into heaven near a window. Through that window, I could see a multitude of people entering heaven by elevator. Just at that moment, a cherub flew over me and I saw the Chinese lady as the Lord. He showed me a few people and they looked like generals of the Church, probably from the past. He then asked me, “Do you want to be like one of them?” Shocked, I said, “Yes, I’m willing, but my flesh is weak.” Immediately, I started sobbing. During this encounter with the Lord, I heard a company of Chinese people singing a very beautiful Chinese hymn to us.

About several months ago, I was taken into another vision. This was the most vivid 3D type of vision I have had thus far. In it, I saw the great revival happening in China; it was bursting out all over! People were dancing, celebrating, and worshiping God all over the streets of China. In the next scene, I was brought into a heavenly meeting where many saints in glory, including Chinese and Westerners, were meeting there. There was a Chinese lady who gave me a tour of the place and she specifically said to me that this revival is something she never saw when she was on earth. There were many people outside in this vision and in the end, I was shown that angels had bound the evil political spirit. I saw that a great political change will come to China after this great revival. China will become a democratic nation and they will worship God.

Not only have I been shown about the future revival in China, but I was also shown that there is a great revival coming to Japan and Korea as well. In one dream, I was shown an image on a map of Korea connecting to Japan. In the natural, they are not connected, but in that dream, they were connected like they were one. In another prophetic encounter, I was taken into a future North Korean embassy in Washington D.C. It sat adjacent to the current embassy of South Korea. I saw many American people coming in and out of this North American embassy. The Lord is doing something great! Political change will come to North Korea. Revival is coming to China, Japan, Korea (North and South), and even to the United States of America.

In 2013, my wife and I had contemplated moving out of our city in Maryland. However, during a trip to New York, I had a vision of a tornado or a whirlwind of sorts. It started out small, and it grew bigger and bigger until it covered the sky. Then I heard the Lord say in the Spirit, “Do not leave Maryland; there will be a great revival coming from Maryland.” That was in 2013. Sometime afterward, the Lord appeared to me again, but this time there two rivers behind him. He said, “These two rivers will converge.” Naïvely, I responded, “Well, we can probably build a tunnel in the upper stream of the two rivers, and it will create a shortcut to bring the streams together.” The Lord replied, “No, these two rivers will converge in the lower stream.” Then he showed me that these two rivers will converge in the place where I lived in Maryland.

The Lord did not tell me that day what these two rivers are, but since then I have been writing my doctoral thesis on what I feel is an essential convergence that must take place within the body of Christ. That is the convergence of holiness with power.

Let’s Endure: We Are Part of Something Great

I never thought I’d be called to be a part of something so great as the great revival that will come to China. The point I’m trying to make is that it’s possible we are part of something great without even realizing it. If we are sleeping on a fast speed train, we may not realize that it’s moving very fast until we see another train pass from another direction. Then we suddenly realize, “I’m indeed on a fast speed train.” Likewise, dear churches and believers, know that God is calling all of you to be part of something great in this earth. The Lord has used Western Christianity in great ways to evangelize the world, but I feel we are in a certain bottleneck moment that Western Christianity can’t seem to overcome. I feel the Lord is raising up a movement from China that will be used to help American Christians. The Lord will bless America and will use America greatly to help train those who will participate in this great revival in China. At the same time, the Lord will use the momentum from China to give a push to Western Christianity to help it go deeper than they have ever been in their devotion to Him.

I hope this one final dream that I share encourages you even more to pursue the Lord. In a recent dream, I saw a big angel in heaven with a very long stick that reached to the earth. With the stick, he stirred and stirred, and I saw large waves of trouble coming in like the sea waves. It reached houses and people were running for their lives. I believe our feelings of stirring in these days are real sentiments. They are not in vain either. All the political things happening in America, and even Covid-19 are not a coincidence. God is allowing these things to happen to shake all the things that can be shaken so that people will be brought into the Kingdom that cannot be shaken. The purpose of the shaking is to wake up the churches and cause them to repent and bend their knees.

When I awaited my breakthrough before having our miracle baby, I felt the force of hell against me. I decided, however, to worship the Lord amidst my crises. I continued to keep my eyes on Him. In one particular moment before the Lord, I opened my arms towards heaven and sang, “God, the Father, you are a good, good Father and you give great, great gifts.” Soon after, my wife found herself pregnant and she gave birth to a healthy baby girl who has brought us much blessing.

I feel the Lord is going to bless His Church with a corporate baby which is the revival of the Church. We often hear that before the dawn, the darkness is the greatest. May the Church endure in intercession and prayer. Many will be brought out of “Egypt” into the Kingdom of Light and people will see miracles happening across America and China, and all over the world. Political shifts will take place and many people will turn their hearts to God. Revival will break out!

God bless you. God bless America and God bless China. God bless this coming revival.