Dreams About Japan: Fighting on a Scaffold

I had another dream about Japan and this could be one of the first dreams I had about Japan. In this dream, I was fighting fiercely with someone on a scaffold and he was trying to chase me and pull me down. I tried my best to climb up. I don’t recall the date of this dream but I know it took place in Japan.


This is one of my earliest dreams about Japan. I don’t remember the exact date it happened. But this dream has made a deep impression on me. In another prophetic dream I was taken to Japan, where the Lord Jesus appeared to me. I think this shows that the Lord is calling me to go to Japan to preach the gospel, a reminder of the anointing that I received from Him to go to Japan to preach the gospel.

Although I have not carried out any real-life gospel work in Japan, perhaps the evil spirits understand God’s call to me and have begun to attack me vigorously. This dream depicted a spiritual war in Japan.

I was also taken to a campus in China in another dream. There, the Lord suddenly appeared in the light and laid His hands on my head. After I fell on the ground, I found that the Lord was gone. After that, I was often taken to different places in China to fight with different enemies in different dreams.

These dreams are about spiritual warfare. I never prayed to God to have spiritual battles. But after the Lord’s call and anointing were released, the enemy began to attack me vigorously. So I was forced to engage in spiritual battles.

For a few months in 2020, I fasted and prayed at noon every day, hoping to achieve a spiritual breakthrough. After praying for a few months, I felt that I was about to experience a spiritual breakthrough. But in the end, the enemy started to attack me, causing some relatives to quarrel with me. At first, I was praying for them, hoping that they would repent and believe in the Lord, but the enemy attacked. When I was attending a doctoral program that year, a classmate who has a prophetic gift prophesied about me. Without knowing my circumstances, she said she saw in the spirit that

 the Lord was leading me into a spiritual battle. She saw that the Lord was not only teaching me about spiritual warfare, but also that I would pass on what I learned from this experience to the next generation, including my daughter.

This remark is a testament to my experience. Although none of us wants to be attacked by evil spirits and learn how to engage in spiritual warfare, this is a lesson we need to learn. If the church cannot understand where the evil spirits are and how to defeat them through spiritual battles, it will be difficult for us to be effective in evangelism. Before receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I rarely experienced attacks from the evil spirits. I also had never seen evil spirits, nor had such a dream before. But after experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit, I often see angels and evil spirits in my dreams, and often experience attacks from evil spirits.

I pray to God everyday not to let me fall into temptation, and to protect me from the attacks of evil spirits. But instead, I often see the work and attacks of the evil spirits. On the one hand, maybe God has activated my prophetic gift. That’s why I can feel the work of the evil spirits. On the other hand, maybe God really hopes to teach me how to engage in spiritual warfare.

In China and Japan, there are all kinds of evil spirits who lead people to worship idols. If we will one day go to China and Japan to preach the gospel, we will need to know how to bind these evil spirits. Otherwise, how will the gospel be effective? So I think God is preparing me to participate in future ministry.

Hopefully, one day we can be like Paul, whom the evil spirits recognized and feared. If we cannot win spiritual battles, we might be like the seven sons of Sceva, a Jewish chief priest, whose story is recorded in Acts 19. They tried to cast out the evil spirits, but the evil spirits said to them: “Jesus I know, and Paul I recognize, but who are you?” The evil spirits overpowered them, and they fled out of that house naked (ESV, Acts 19:15-16).

We need to know that evil spirits do exist and that spiritual warfare is real. We should pray for God to give us the gift of discerning of spirits, so that we can discern all kinds of evil spirits. We should also learn about spiritual warfare so that we can defeat the enemy.

Note: I started having prophetic dreams more often beginning in 2015 and a number of these dreams were about Japan. I remember some of these dreams clearly and I wrote them down immediately when I woke up. However, some of them were a little vague so I omitted a few dreams I had about Japan. I am not sure if they are really from the Lord. But some of these dreams are wild enough for a Chinese person to be dreaming about at all.  For those who may not be aware, there is still much tension between Chinese and Japanese people because of Japan previously invading China.

I’m still new to prophetic dreams so I may not understand all of them currently. However, I still felt I should write and share them to encourage those who have a burden to preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. If you understand the meaning behind any of these dreams, you are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan and the Japanese people. God loves them enough to die for them, so they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. I do believe one thing from these dreams and that is the coming of a great revival in Japan and this revival will come to China later. I personally feel this revival in Japan is a sign of the coming great revival in China and the latter will spread all over the world. The reason I believe this revival in Japan will come to China is also based on one of dreams below. These are my personal convictions as I am not sure if my interpretation is correct.


Jairus, written on June 25th, 2018 in Washington DC