In this dream I saw a Japanese man with tattoos on his body; the tattoos read something like “Love Jesus with a crazy love.”


This is a very simple dream, but it conveys a very deep picture.

Tattooing was originally something that marginalized people liked to do. Later, it grew in popularity. But even now, not everyone wants to get a tattoo. There are many people who have tattoos in the United States. Even people in American Charismatic churches have tattoos. But in mainstream Christianity, people still don’t accept tattoos. Therefore, tattoos in this prophetic dream may represent Japanese people who are living in sin or don’t know God.

But I saw the words “Crazy love for Jesus” tattooed on his body. I don’t remember whether the tattoos I saw were in Chinese, English or Japanese. We often have such experiences in prophetic dreams. When you see some words or hear some language, you don’t seem to understand it on the surface. But strangely, your spirit understands what it’s about.

I have had countless dreams of God showing me scenes of revival in several countries. This convinced me that the election in the United States is not just a wrestling between two political forces, but a wrestling between God and Satan.

I believe that Trump was chosen by God. Many prophesied that Trump would be re-elected, but Trump has not currently been re-elected. Some prophets began to repent and apologize for their false prophesy about Trump’s reelection. Some other prophets said that God did say that Trump would win and that the fight is not over yet. Many people hope that God will miraculously intervene and oust Biden, and that Trump will come to power. After that, some Christians hope that the whole world will know that God does exist. The American prophetess Kat Kerr is an example of the latter kind of prophet. She firmly believes that God will intervene, and that Trump will eventually win. She said that God took her to the future and showed her a scene of people rushing to the streets to celebrate Trump’s return to the White House. Many people have confirmed this statement through prophetic visions and dreams.

No matter what the outcome is, there is one thing of which I am quite sure. Trump’s election is not just about him or about American politics, but about the coming of a great revival. Whether Trump is elected is just the tip of the iceberg, the front lines of the struggle. The real spiritual battle concerns a great revival that the enemy is trying to prevent God from releasing. Did God choose Trump so that the United States could have a Christian-friendly political environment? What is the most effective context for the revival of the church and the spread of the gospel to all the countries of the world?

Many leftists and politicians opposed Trump. Some American churches and Christians also joined the opposition. Many other countries and foreign leaders took sides against Trump. I have never seen so many people all over the world hate a person the way they hated Trump. What is the reason for this? Is Satan trying to hinder God’s plan and incite people to hate Trump? We know there is a spiritual battle happening all around us, and Christians should do their best to understand how to join God’s work in the world.

God needs to prevail in the United States and raise up a revival. This revival may also be raised up all over the world. In 2013, I saw a prophetic vision of a great revival in Maryland. This great revival would spread across the world. In 2013, my wife and I were considering moving from Maryland to Pennsylvania, but God let me see a prophetic vision of a revival that was like a tornado. The great revival of Maryland would move across the world. God told me not to move out of Maryland. I followed this vision and did not move. This is the first time I have seen a prophetic vision during the day. Most of my prophetic dreams are at night.

The battle in the spiritual world is very fierce. In prophetic dreams, I often see fierce battles in the spiritual realm. I don’t know where the great worldwide revival will start, or if it will start in different countries at the same time. I do know the revival of the United States is very crucial. The founding of the United States is based on the Bible and Christianity, and it is also the most powerful country in the world. Therefore, the revival of the United States is likely to lead to the revival of all countries in the world. Let us continue to pray for President Trump and the United States. Let’s pray that the United States worships God and that Americans return to faith. In this way, a worldwide revival may begin. Christians of all political stripes should focus on the power and purpose of God, not the weaknesses of human leaders. They should focus on God’s power to release a revival in this world. The return of the United States to God and the great revival will surely lead to the great revival of Japan.

Note: I started having prophetic dreams more often beginning in 2015 and a number of these dreams were about Japan. I remember some of these dreams clearly and I wrote them down immediately when I woke up. However, some of them were a little vague so I omitted a few dreams I had about Japan. I am not sure if they are really from the Lord. But some of these dreams are wild enough for a Chinese person to be dreaming about at all.  For those who may not be aware, there is still much tension between Chinese and Japanese people because of Japan previously invading China.

I’m still new to prophetic dreams so I may not understand all of them currently. However, I still felt I should write and share them to encourage those who have a burden to preach the Gospel to the Japanese people. If you understand the meaning behind any of these dreams, you are welcome to contact us to share your thoughts.

Let’s continue to pray for Japan and the Japanese people. God loves them enough to die for them, so they can receive Jesus Christ as their Lord. I do believe one thing from these dreams and that is the coming of a great revival in Japan and this revival will come to China later. I personally feel this revival in Japan is a sign of the coming great revival in China and the latter will spread all over the world. The reason I believe this revival in Japan will come to China is also based on one of dreams below. These are my personal convictions as I am not sure if my interpretation is correct.


Jairus, written on June 25th, 2018 in Washington DC