Encounters of Heaven Heal Wounded Hearts

by Sean Song

July 5, 2021

How many times have we been wounded and hurt because we did not have the right information or proper perspective about a situation? Our understanding was limited to what our natural mind could perceive. What if it were possible to revisit memories with God and see differently what we once lamented? I propose that once we receive a glimpse of heaven or have an encounter with something heavenly, it has the power to radically transform our viewpoint and heal our broken hearts and memories.

In recent years, I completed a certification program on inner healing. I learned that the Holy Spirit can heal our past wounds by helping us reorganize our memory around a certain event to see it from heaven’s viewpoint. That is, the Lord can show us prior events from a totally different perspective and thus break off former lies or misunderstandings. This can bring healing to our hearts. Here I share a few experiences of my encounters with heaven and how they brought healing to me and a few people I know. As Christians have sought to have more spiritual encounters, God has responded. It seems, more than any other time in history, experiencing heaven is becoming a more plausible and palpable reality for many. I believe that if you pray in faith for an encounter with heaven, God will surely answer you.

My Father-in-law is Not in Hell!

In March 2006, I flew to Baltimore, Maryland to meet my future wife, Ruth. We sat down on the hills of Inner Harbor in downtown Baltimore. We were first introduced to each other by people in our church and since then, for a few months, we had been talking on the phone. During our time together that day, she told me the heart–breaking story of her father’s sudden death due to a cerebral hemorrhage. He died during her college years. This deeply impacted her, emotionally and physically, especially since she had been at odds with her father and never reconciled before his sudden death. Although she only became a believer in Christ a couple years earlier when she came to the USA, she worried about whether her father would go to hell. She and I have both been taught that a person will go to hell if he or she, upon hearing the Gospel message on earth, refuses to believe in Christ; for those who have never heard the Gospel, they will be judged according to their conscience (Romans 2:15). In the end, there will be a final judgement before the White Throne and all deceased people will be judged. Whosoever’s name is not written in the Book of Life will be thrown into the lake of fire (Revelations 20:11-15).

Unfortunately, my wife has no way of knowing how her father will be judged, and if he will end up in hell. She worried that she would never have the chance to make amends with him and apologize. She also blames other relatives whom she believes misled her to have an argument with him. Until the dream I had, this had been a painful situation for her, so much that she had never even mentioned to others that her father died. She cried when she initially told me this story and after years of marriage, I could still see the lingering pain in her heart from this event. I have witnessed her pain and for 10 years, I have tried to comfort her without much avail.

Yet, in 2016, I had an encounter with heaven regarding my father–in–law. This dream was a complete game changer for my wife. After I told her about it, her heart was able to heal. It was only a year after I got baptized with the Holy Spirit that I started having dreams and encounters with heaven.

I never met my father–in–law on earth because he died before my wife and I got married. In this particular prophetic dream, my wife and I were brought to a place where my father–in–law and other people were gathered. My wife was brought inside a building to see her father. In the meantime, I had the opportunity to chat with an old Chinese lady sitting at the door. She showed me a large print edition of the Chinese version of the Bible that she was studying. Here are the details of this dream.

My wife asked me to go with her to a place where she could pick up letters about her father. I questioned her about how people were allowed to put these letters there. She explained that there is a temple where people can drop off letters and they will keep them safe until someone else picks them up. So, we went to this strange place. Initially, it looked like a Chinese temple to me, but there was a man speaking/preaching there. While this man was preaching, my wife approached a counter and picked up the letters she came for. When she got the letters, the man finished preaching. She then asked permission to say a few words about her father. There was a crowd of Chinese people around and they were very excited to see us. I could sense the atmosphere was full of joy and surprise. I even heard people say, “You are the daughter of Tan Ze, right?” It seemed they all knew this man. Although Tan Ze was not my father–in–law’s name on earth, I sensed he was known by this name in that place. It seemed everybody knew him there and people were excited to have visitors.

While my wife spoke about her father, I started to film her with my phone in a vertical position. A Chinese man suddenly approached me and offered to film it for me. I handed the phone to him, and he started to film it horizontally. Since he was helping me, I was freed to walk around the place to check it out. I was very curious about where we were. I walked back to the entrance to the door. Once again I saw the old Chinese lady sitting there, so I asked her, “Is this place a church or a Chinese temple?” I was very cautious since it had the appearance of a Chinese-style temple. I was trying to judge if this place was for worshiping idols or God. Then, she showed me the book she was reading. Perhaps this was her way of telling me what kind of place it was. She was studying from a large–print edition of the Chinese Bible. She explained to me that this large–print edition was for the elderly people to use there. Since it was large–print though, it could not hold all the books of the Bible because of its letter size. There were, therefore, only portions of the Gospels in this edition. After talking with her, I turned back to the building to retrieve my phone from the man filming my wife.

Before I knew it, I entered a much bigger place which resembled a gated community. I talked with a few people there, but they were not the ones with my phone. As I entered further into this community, I saw my wife walking out toward me. I proceeded to ask her about the man with my phone and we eventually went back to the building. We found him in a corner and I got my phone back. The dream ended there.

Now, to my knowledge, my father–in–law did not believe in the Lord before he died. However, in my dream, he and the people with him had the opportunity to study the Bible. I am not sure if the place where they were living is considered the Paradise part of Hades, but this is my impression. At the same time I had this dream, my wife also had a dream about meeting her father. However, she has no recollection of either meeting him in her dream or meeting him in mine. When I relayed the details of this dream to her, she received a lot of healing from it. She can now openly talk about her father’s death and I do not see her carrying the former pain regarding this matter.

I understand that dreams like this can be challenging to our existing theology. I don’t know how a person can end up in a place after death where they can study the Bible and grow to know God. I can only say with certainty that God is good and I resolve to conclude that many spiritual things are beyond my ability to understand.

One Chinese prophetess, Xiulan Laiwang, testifies to a similar experience. In one of her testimonies about heaven, she also describes how she saw her father and mother–in–law reading the Bible in Paradise. She said that when the Lord took her to visit them, they told her that there’s an angel in every household in Paradise that teaches them the Bible.[1]

My Aunt Gives Me A Treat

An encounter with my aunt is another example of a heavenly encounter beyond my understanding. My fourth aunt died of breast cancer. I don’t know if she knew the Lord either. In a prophetic dream, I was taken to a small house where she lives. She received me with fruit grown from her yard. This piece of fruit looked like a mulberry, but it was as big as a kiwi. Although her house was very small, I saw many kinds of fruits growing in her backyard. These fruits mostly consisted of fruits that I have never seen on earth before. The fruit was so ripe when I got there, so I picked some and ate it. Beside her house were many other people’s houses. They were very similar to the small townhouses one would see in downtown Baltimore, but not as tall.

I’ve had several experiences of meeting my fourth aunt. These encounters remind me of a testimony I heard from an Australian prophet named Neville Johnson. He once mentioned that he was brought by an angel to a place with small houses. It felt strange that these were different from the big houses in heaven, so he asked the angel, “What are these houses?” The angel told him that when some people who hadn’t heard the gospel passed away, Jesus would appear to them, giving them the opportunity to choose him. If they chose Jesus, they would live in these small houses.[2]

Kat Kerr also publicly shared a similar vision. She saw Jesus appearing to those who rejected him during their lifetime, and he asked them if they wanted to know Him now. Almost everyone cried and said, “yes.” Jesus told them that He would not be righteous if he did not appear to them to give them a choice since their relatives had faithfully prayed for them and decreed that they would be saved in Jesus’ name. Kerr encourages people to pray and intercede for their family members even though they may not seem open to the Gospel. She believes that a lot of family members will be surprised to see that many relatives made it to heaven although they thought they did not make it.[3]

I recall praying for some of my family members to receive salvation, and I especially prayed for my fourth aunt after I found out she was sick. I never knew if she received the Lord before her death. It may be that my fourth aunt is already in the peripheral of Paradise as Neville Johnson mentions.

This dream of my aunt brought healing and comfort to my heart. My fourth aunt was a very important person in my family. I was born into a poor Chinese farmer’s household. My father worked in a brick factory but injured his back while working there. His salary was little, so my mom raised pigs to support the family. My fourth aunt married a guy in my village whose father was a leader in the local county government. Because of her help, my father later got a job with the government. This turned around the hardship in our family and made a way for all three of us siblings to go to college. This incident was a rare occurrence to happen for those growing up in the 1970’s in China.

I later discovered that I had a calling on my life and that God used my aunt to help me get a higher education. This was God’s plan. Yet, I had been at odds with my aunt when I was a kid because of my low self-esteem. I avoided her, and I never apologized to her even when I became a believer (I was still young in the Lord). Thanks be to God that I was able to see her in Paradise even though she only has a very tiny house. By the way, I really enjoyed the fruit from her yard. It was incredibly tasty. I wish to visit her again soon when I reach heaven!

Music Box on the Wall

In another prophetic dream, the Holy Spirit drove me and a Christian couple who attended our Bible study, to heaven. He showed us the house of his wife in heaven. The house was huge. The vines and wall had grown together as one. There was a music box on the wall beside the front door. You could open the music box and music would play automatically.

The lady had a great passion for music. After listening to my testimony, she was very encouraged that God had installed a music box on the wall of her house in heaven so that she could play music at any time. The wife of my friend who was with me in the dream said she also had a dream of herself at the same time as me, and she saw the Lord. Since she thought she might have been dying (from having the dream), she cried out to the Lord and woke up. Perhaps this was not just a dream and we had traveled there together.

Afterward, the husband told me that this was one of the most difficult times of their lives because of the challenges they faced, principally with their son’s schooling. They were frustrated that their child was being bullied in school, so they fervently prayed to God every day for help. They eventually passed through that difficult time and their son is now doing well in school. Yet, at that time, this dream comforted their hearts. The wife was reassured that God cares so much for her that in heaven in the future, he would give her the desire of her heart. In her estimate, God would then surely carry her through her tribulations on earth.

Have Faith in God

God is near to us, and more of heaven is being revealed to us. When I studied to complete my certification program on prophecy, I often heard people quoting Psalm 139:17–18 (NRSV) as evidence for how one can have faith in God to receive a prophetic word for others. These verses state, “How weighty to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them! I try to count them—they are more than the sand.” They say God’s thoughts for a person are so vast like the sand on seashores. In this way, being prophetic is like picking up a few morsels of sand, or thoughts of God, regarding a person and sharing it with them. If God is love and includes himself in our personal lives, we can trust that He has millions of thoughts about each of us every single day. Surely, God is willing to share a piece of information with you and I as a word of prophecy or revelation to encourage the next person. Whether you are learning to be prophetic or need healing in your own heart, you can approach God in prayer by faith (Hebrews 4:16). Be assured that He will give you encounters of heaven, transform your life, and heal your heart! Let us approach and trust God together.

[1] Lai Wang Xiulan, Jehovah-jireh, 45.

[2] From Neville Johnson’s sermon on Youtube. No link available.

[3] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Het_gU1nYCI