God’s Love For Japan

Sean Song

June 24, 2021

I had never thought about going to Japan to preach the Gospel nor had I felt such a strong burden to pray for Japan as I do now. Several prophetic dreams have left me with a longing for this. In these dreams, I was taken to Japan and Jesus appeared to me. As you read, you will see it is the Lord’s desire to reach the nation of Japan with the love he carries. I am also now convinced that revival will come to Japan. That is, many Japanese people will be captured by the love of God and turn into devoted lovers of Jesus. While it may seem to the carnal mind that Japan is one of hardest places on earth to preach the Gospel, it is not so with God’s intervention. God’s love will melt their hard hearts. A massive delivery and exodus will occur and many Japanese people will be freed from idolatry, generational curses, and the grips of evil spirits. All the nations are close to God’s heart and Japan is no exception. He cannot forget them.

A Series of Dreams

Chinese and Japanese Revivals Will Affect Each Other

This first dream happened on September 23, 2016. Before I arose that morning, I saw a plane arriving from Japan to my hometown in China. In fact, I saw it pass through a cloud and come directly to my childhood house. My hometown is close to the capital, just 400 kilometers south of Beijing. The door of my home faces east. In the dream, I came out of my door to give the airplane a signal. I also opened the door to allow the light to shine through so the airplane could see where I was standing. Then the lamp in front of my house started to blink like a car blinker signaling to turn. I sensed it was about dawn outside, so I anticipated the darkness would soon disappear. The airplane, similar to a passenger aircraft used for international flights, was about to emerge from the clouds.

God often uses my house in my hometown in China to represent the entire country of China in my dreams. The same is true of this dream. My childhood home is on the westernmost side of my village. The door of my house faces a main road in the village. In this dream, I stood at the door as the airplane grew closer. I believe the direction of the plane’s path affirms China’s great influence on Japan in the matter of the Gospel. In ancient days, Japan sent many people to China to learn from China about its language and culture. In modern days like today and into the future, Japan may again come to China to learn from them, but this time about Jesus and the Gospel.

In the United States, lights are installed on garages or on the front of the main entrance door to the house to give light to those arriving. In real life, there is no light on the east door of our house. However, in my dream, there was a light that flashed as a signal light. I was certain that these lights were not ordinary lights. These signal lights flickered, so I stood at the door to motion and guide the plane on its landing.

I understand that future revival among the nations of China and Japan are interconnected. In other words, revival may start in China and then spread to Japan. Perhaps after a great revival comes to China, it will lead to Japan’s revival. An airplane from Japan may prophetically represent large and influential ministries that will be raised up in Japan by the Lord. The fact that I stood at the door giving the airplane guidance may again attest to the fact that China will likely play an important role in helping to direct the path of Japan’s revival. This is also confirmed by a dream I had on April 17, 2017. Note: I had two dreams about Japan on April 17. This second of the two is detailed below and involved preaching.

I woke up at about 6:30am that morning, fed my baby, and then went back to sleep. I began dreaming of a screen which showed information related to preaching the Gospel in Japan. In this dream, Chinese people were sent to Japan to preach the Gospel village by village. The movie on the screen said, “One American went to Japan and had a good start.” It was an American missionary. Then I saw Chinese people walking to different Japanese villages to preach the Gospel to them. I saw one Chinese family with a young boy and they went to the entrance of a Japanese village. Japanese people in their traditional clothing came out of the village to talk with them. They asked the Japanese people if they were open to receive something non-Japanese, like Chinese people and the Gospel. Some refused their offer and even blocked their entrance to the village. As the family went to the next village, however, some were willing and open. Later in the dream, it appeared that the Chinese family set up a station and had reached some goals in preaching the Gospel.

These two prophetic dreams embrace the prophetic mission of Chinese people going to Japan to preach the Gospel in the future. Chinese people have always gone to Japan with this intention, and they have aided in Japan’s evangelization process. In the future, God may choose China and more of their willing vessels to go and preach the Gospel there again. There are even prophecies that mention that after China’s great revival, Chinese missionaries will be raised up to preach the Gospel around the world.

The American missionary whom I first saw in the dream was a modern American missionary. Initially, I didn’t understand that when God lets us see a person, it does not necessarily refer to that specific person. It could be representative of a type of person or group. I conjecture that the American missionary here represents the people in God’s move who evangelized Japan in earlier days. They laid a foundation for God’s preaching in Japan.

The Chinese family I saw afterward likely represents the Chinese people that God desires to raise up. The family preached the Gospel from village to village which is self explanatory, but the roadblocks indicate the hardness in the Japanese people’s hearts. There was a question asked by the Chinese child which seemed very strange at first. He said, “Do you accept things other than the Japanese people, such as the Chinese and the Gospel?” This is a good question. It helps illustrate the closed hearts and the difficulty of evangelism there. People in this village rejected the Gospel. Thankfully, these Chinese people did not give up. They went to the next village, and eventually succeeded in reaching the hearts of the Japanese people. We still may wonder though how else this evangelism may happen…

A Supernatural Door to Japan

One evening on April 10, 2017, I was returning to sleep after feeding my baby and I suddenly saw fire in the heavens. It seemed very far away and was comprised of many different colors. It grew closer and began to take the formation of a tunnel. I realized this could be from God and I remembered that some prophets talked about tunnels that can transfer people to different places. Immediately, I was lifted up like in a rocket into this tunnel, and as I was traveling up, I heard a broadcast. I realized I was not in a dream but instead something more like a vision.

During this encounter, I skated on wheels through a Japanese mall. I was very tall as if I had been using stilts. Underneath my stilts was a wheel. I was traveling very fast when a Japanese lady suddenly yelled to me, “You cannot skate in the mall!” Despite her chastisement, I continued on towards a door. I remember thinking I needed to lower my body so I could pass through the door without stopping.

The details in this dream left a deep impression on me. Large shopping malls like the one I was in may represent Japan’s secular society, which is symbolic of a lack of a gospel atmosphere. This kind of culture generally does not exist in Japanese society. I seemed to be walking on stilts with skates underneath. This kind of transportation strategy represents the miraculous power of our preaching of Christ. We are given the means to meet the circumstances with a supernatural delivery.

When the woman shouted, “You can’t skate at the lobby,” she was a symbolic picture of the difficulties and opposition we will face in preaching the gospel in Japan. We must keep in mind, however, that I walked through a door on stilts with wheels. This is a picture that not only demonstrates that God will give grace and means to accomplish the task of evangelism, but it also shows we need not stop. What God is doing and will do in Japan is in motion. God will open a miraculous door for us to preach the Gospel in Japan. And if God opens the door for us, no one can stop us.

The Love of God Equips Me To Preach the Gospel

The next dream occurred on April 17, 2017 and this is the first of the two dreams I had that night. Although in Japan again, I was now in a different place. I was again listening to something being broadcasted on the radio. I felt it was something about God and I had a vague impression that it was in a foreign language. This broadcast drew me to the next scene.

I was now fishing, but I didn’t have a fishing rod in my hand. Rather, I was picking up something from the sea with a pair of tongs like the ones used in a kitchen. From what I could tell, I was on a small island because I was surrounded by water—just as Japan is.

I met some people that looked Japanese, so I asked them to teach me how to catch the fish and other sea creatures. They were very willing to help me, but they were also strangely using tongs. After a bit, I realized my hand was hurt, so I asked one of the guys to help me. He seemed strong and tall; he was the leader of the rest of the people. I sensed he was the Lord. Suddenly, he opened a hole in his lower leg and began to pour out something from that hole that would heal my hand. It resembled sea salt. I rubbed the sea salt on the wound in my hand as this man explained that it would take a while to sterilize and be healed.

In that moment, I suddenly realized that I could not find my bag. I needed to find it though because it contained something very important. One of the guys in the group then shot out a thread-like rope and I was pushed by this rope to other places. I met more Japanese people on the road and I saw people playing basketball. As I was running and joining the game, I strongly felt a burden to preach the gospel to these Japanese people. God’s love for them seemed to have been deposited in me, which was not normal for me.

Here is my interpretation of this dream. The radio broadcasting represents God’s voice. After I heard the broadcast, I was gradually drawn to fish in the seas of Japan. Fishing on Japanese islands is obviously a metaphor for preaching the Gospel in Japan. This is symbolic of God’s call to fish for men just as he invited the disciples to do in the New Testament. I believe this speaks on behalf of us who are being asked by the Lord to embrace a calling to preach the Gospel to the Japanese.

This burden and calling for Japan comes with difficulties. It’s quite tough to preach the Gospel to Japanese people and obstacles exist. This is represented both by the injury I sustained while fishing and the obscurity of the tool I and others were using to fish, which was not ideal for fishing. Yet, we can be rest assured that God will be with those who go forth to preach, even sustaining us in our time of need as we labor. The tongs also represent God giving us supernatural and seemingly foolish means for accomplishing this task. And the mysterious man applying a salve to my wound from his wound demonstrates Christ’s all sufficiency for us. The Christ always takes from himself to meet our needs. Even the hole in this man’s leg is symbolic of Jesus’ nail marks. Jesus’ death on the cross accomplished healing for all of us.

The fact that I found something missing may represent the sense of loss God feels toward those unsaved in this nation. Many Japanese people are lost in sin and death. They are valuable to God because they too were created in the image of God, and Jesus equally died for them on the cross. When I left that scene a mysterious thread/rope was thrown behind me. Although it was thin, it had great strength. It was able to bear my weight and even propel me forward. The rope was so powerful in propelling me that it made me run like Elijah when the hand of God was upon him. This can be symbolic of the energizing and capacitating power that results from the infilling of the Holy Spirit. God baptizes us with His love and power through His Spirit. Not coincidentally, in the scene that followed this incident, I was filled with God’s love for every Japanese person that I passed by.

Interestingly, God also often speaks to me in my dreams through the game of basketball. I believe it indicates the battle between the Gospel and darkness, between Christians and Satan. The Church is on one team and the enemy is on the other. We fight against the enemy under the leadership of our coach, Jesus Christ. When I dream about Japanese people playing basketball, I see it representing the spread of the Gospel in Japan and the opposition the enemy will attempt. Since I was filled with miraculous power and God’s love, I joined the game.

While I was having this prophetic dream, one of my teachers in the Christian Healing Certification Program at my seminary saw a vision. She saw me riding a horse while holding a cowboy’s lariat in my hand. I twirled the lasso and prepared to catch the horse. She received an impression from the Spirit that God would fill me with His love and use His love as a lasso to “catch” those whom He wants to save. What she shared and the rope in my dream expressed the same symbolism.

This does not apply to me alone, however. It’s also for the many in the Body of Christ who are willing to go. God will baptize us with His love and use it as the lasso to return the sinner back to Himself.

A Crazy Love for Jesus

In another dream on October 7, 2017, I saw a Japanese man with tattoos on his body. The tattoos read something like, “LOVE JESUS WITH A CRAZY LOVE.” This was a very simple dream, but it conveys a very deep meaning. The words and pictures in Japanese tattoos often carry negative or dark meanings. The tattoo in this prophetic dream clearly did not. In contrast, it shows that redemption is possible for Japanese people once living in sin or out of relationship with God. The words, “crazy love for Jesus” leaves us hopeful that God’s deep love can even transform the tattoo industry!

In several other prophetic encounters regarding Japan, I was taken there to participate in spiritual warfare. It shows that God is working in Japan in the spiritual realm and the spiritual battle will eventually manifest in the physical realm. Let us pray to join hands with the saints in glory and angels to fight this spiritual warfare and usher in breakthrough.

I strongly believe the Japanese people will have encounters with Jesus and their hard hearts will melt. The love they will feel upon seeing visions of his nailed-scarred body will convince them of how He loves them deeply. I pray that the Japanese will be conquered by this love and indeed become CRAZY LOVERS OF JESUS.

My last thoughts are for the many saints in the body of Christ who have been praying for Japan. This also includes the missionaries from many parts of the world who have already gone to preach the Gospel there. As many have testified, they encounter varying difficulties. The hardened hearts of the Japanese is one of the most difficult challenges. Amidst the opposition, God will open the doors necessary to preach the Gospel there. Like the stilts and the wheel, God will give us supernatural power to prevail in sharing the excellence and extravagance of the Gospel. Let us continue empowered and encouraged!