The Spiritual Warfare Behind the Closedown of GTV

“What? Are you crazy?” I replied with anger and puzzlement when my wife told me she wanted to “invest” a large amount of money in the GTV Group and other entities. This happened one night in early 2021 or late 2020. The GTV Group and other entities were promoted by Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement he started in 2017.

“Isn’t it obvious it’s a scam?” I said in my heart. Later, I asked my wife the same question. In my mind, there were many reasons not to pursue this investment. First, I had encountered many financial scams in China that claimed a large and quick return on investment but later turned out to be scams. My parents and one of my aunts were personally affected by these scams. Second, as a journalist, I had reported on many stories of scams and frauds. Third, I was busy with my Doctor of Ministry studies at United Theological Seminary, where I was preparing myself for the ministry God had called me to. God had revealed to me through many prophetic dreams[1] that a great revival was coming to China, and he had called me to be a part of this greatest revival on earth.[2] I didn’t want to be a part of any political movements or controversial movements that might hinder me from traveling freely back to China to participate in this movement.

But even though I saw many reasons to avoid this investment, my wife was adamant that we should move ahead. She even threatened to do it on her own if I refused. Through years of experience in marriage, I knew if she wanted to do something, I should pay attention. It may be something very important. I am a naturally stubborn person, but I had learned that God often speaks to us through people in our lives—our friends, our neighbors, and especially our wives. While I was taking my Christian Prophetic Certification Program (CPCP) at Global Awakening, a ministry founded by Randy Clark, one of the prophetic teachers emphasized this very point. He jokingly said that he had read a book titled, I Heard the Holy Spirit, But it Sounded like My Wife. So I had learned the importance of listening to my wife. From experience, I realized that God often stirred my wife’s heart to do something I did not yet understand.

So now, as I contemplated investing in GTV, I decided to ask God directly. As a “humble” servant of God, I asked God, “Am I wrong? Or is she deceived by Mile Guo and his movement?” My wife had been following Miles Guo’s movement for some months, but I had not been paying any attention to the movement. Guo is a controversial person and I had heard rumors about him. I’d heard that his live interview at VOA was shut down in 2017, as well as other rumors. But I paid very little attention to him, even though God gave me two prophetic dreams about Miles Guo in 2017 and 2019. In the first dream in 2017, I was a reporter who was reporting on a news story related to him. In the second dream in 2019, God gave me a book with Miles Guo’s picture on the cover. I wrote these prophetic dreams in my journal but never paid attention to these dreams.

God’s Providence For My Calling in Gospel

My argument with my wife grew even more intense. She was so adamant and refused to change. When I brought the question to God, I knelt to pray for God’s leading. “Am I wrong or is she deceived?” I asked. That night, or soon after, I had this prophetic dream.

I was taken to Miles Guo’s library, and I was led to read a comic book telling about how people will get to heaven. It was a vivid comic book with details about different individuals arriving in heaven. As I scanned through it, I heard a voice saying, “Your wife has read some pages of this book and you haven’t read it.”

In another dream, I was riding an airplane with Miles Guo to beautiful gold mines. In a different dream, I was conversing with this mystery man and realized God was writing a book with Miles Guo’s picture on the cover, as I mentioned earlier. In this dream, I clearly saw the name of this book, Heaven’s Quest (天问). I had the strong impression that God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit had decided to write a new book about China.

After praying over these dreams, I finally got it. God was telling me He was behind this political movement and that this political movement would give Christians a platform for preaching the gospel to China. Gospel preaching would then produce better citizens in China, which would eventually help this political movement establish a democracy in China. At last, I decided to join this movement. I started to utilize the platforms this movement provided to preach the gospel to these democracy-loving people inside and outside of China.

God Revealed to Me that the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Is Coming Down

In March 2020, I was given another vision. This was the most vivid, three-dimensional vision I had ever had. In it, I saw a great revival taking place in China. The revival was bursting out everywhere! People were dancing, celebrating, and worshiping God all over the streets of China.

In the next scene, I was brought into a heavenly meeting where many saints in glory, including Chinese and Westerners, were meeting. There was a Chinese lady who gave me a tour of the place and she specifically told me that this revival was something she had never seen when she was on Earth.

In the end, the angels bound an evil political spirit. I realized that after the great revival, a great political change would come to China. China would become a democratic nation and they would worship God.

In that dream, I was so surprised to see the evil political spirit bound. I asked the angel in great surprise, “Is this the CCP?” The angel told me, “Yes.” Now, I don’t quite know when this will happen in the present physical world, but I believe it is a reality in the spiritual realm. I’ve talked to a friend who believes that the CCP will be taken down very soon. However, in this dream, I first saw a great revival bursting forth with people dancing on the street. Only then was the evil spirit bound.

God’s Revival vs. Satan’s Plan to Stop It

Even though I didn’t know many details about GTV Group and how it was run, I agreed to invest in it since God had revealed to me that this movement was of Him and could become a platform for me to preach the Gospel. So I uploaded all my preaching and sermons onto this platform. But soon afterward, GTV was suddenly closed down. I didn’t know why it was shut down and continued hoping that a new version of GTV would be released shortly. But it never was. As a result, I gradually moved my preaching onto the Gettr platform. I began to preach and volunteer on other shows including News Talk.

In the meantime, one of my close friends at church showed genuine concern that I had joined the Whistleblower Movement (New Federal State of China). He asked me to pray more and consider whether I had been misled. So I once again asked for God’s confirmation. As I prayed, God gave me another prophetic dream. In this dream, I was clearly shown that many Chinese officials will be converted via our broadcasts. In the dream, these officials held a large tent meeting to celebrate their conversion and show appreciation to Jesus Christ who saved them. As I walked into various tents, I marveled at the size of these tents and the number of people inside them. They were all like the tax collector Matthew in the Bible, full of gratitude for their salvation!

Through countless prophetic encounters with God, I became convinced that the Whistleblower Movement is of God and that platforms such as GTV exist for the purpose of taking down the CCP and spreading the gospel. So I believe there is a spiritual battle behind the closedown of GTV. Outwardly, it may involve compliance with regulations, but spiritually it is about the regime change and the revival coming to China. Satan is trying to utilize some Americans who do not understand this to stop the revival coming to China. I urge the Christian brothers and sisters in America to pray and ask God for guidance on this. I urge them to help the Chinese people to receive the Gospel. In the past, missionaries from the West traveled all the way to China to reach people with the good news of the gospel. But now God has raised up a generation of Chinese Christians that he is using to turn China upside down. Like any movement in history, it may be controversial. But God clearly showed me he is behind this. People in this movement may not be perfect, but God will use imperfect people and even non-believers to carry out His perfect plan.

Please check out my website for more stories on God’s revelation to me regarding the revival of China. Feel free to reach out to me at I urge you to help us to awaken the American people for the right cause!

Your dear brother,

Sean Song

[1] Please check my testimonies and prophetic dreams at

[2] Please see my prophetic dream,