The CCP is Coming Down! God is Working in China!

In my last post on Elijah List, I shared a prophetic dream I had in March 2020, in which a political spirit in China was bound by angels. At that time, I did not mention clearly who that political spirit was. I was a little hesitant to share this due to fear of persecution. Now, I have peace revealing it. In that vision, I was told that the political spirit is the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), or in the least, the evil spirit behind it. Interestingly, God later led me to join a democratic movement whose goal is to take down the CCP and build a democratic China. This was never part of my plans, but God made it clear to me through a series of prophetic dreams that he wanted me to be part of this movement. By joining, it also opened a way for me to preach the gospel to people who are within this Chinese democratic movement. Suddenly, I found myself with options of preaching every week to thousands of people in China through five or more TV shows by way of social media outlets. With the recent Biden and Xi Jinping’s meeting in G20, it seems like everything is back to “normal,” but this is not the spiritual reality. God has a big plan for China.

Is this the CCP? The angel said, “Yes.”

Here is a brief recap of my dream:

In March 2020, I was taken into another vision. This was the most vivid 3D-type of vision I have had thus far. In it, I saw a great revival happening in China. It was bursting out all over! People were dancing, celebrating, and worshiping God all over the streets of China.


In the next scene, I was brought into a heavenly meeting where many saints in glory, including Chinese and Westerners, were meeting. There was a Chinese lady who gave me a tour of the place and she specifically told me that this revival was something she had never seen when she was on Earth.


In the end, angels had bound an evil political spirit and I saw that a great political change would come to China after this great revival. China will become a democratic nation and they will worship God.

In that dream, I was so surprised to see the evil political spirit bound. I asked the angel in great surprise, “Is this the CCP?” The angel told me, “Yes.” Now, I don’t quite know when this will happen in the present physical world, but I believe it is a reality in the spiritual realm. I’ve talked to a friend a few times now and she believes that it will be very soon that the CCP will be taken down. However, in this dream, I first saw a great revival bursting forth with people dancing on the street. Only after did I see that the evil spirit was bound. Let me revisit some other prophetic dreams I had regarding the future of China.

A Wealth Transfer and a Visit to Heaven

On the last day of 2017, Jesus visited me in a dream by disguising himself as an old Chinese lady. This lady walked with me down a mountain top on the north side of my village in China. I walked this mountain path many times when I was a child. I’ve noticed that God often speaks to me with pictorial imagery that relates to my childhood home and other memories. I understand now that he uses my village to refer to China in these prophetic dreams.

In this dream, we walked down to the end of the hill until it reached one of the main streets in my village. In the dream, we called that street “Back Street” which is comparable to the “Front Street” where I lived. They are parallel to each other. My house is located in the intersection of one small street (which has no name) and Front Street. This small street connects to the mountain trail we walked on in my dream. The place Jesus and I reached is the intersection between this small street and Back Street. In the dream, once we reached this corner, I saw Chinese people, specifically Chinese ladies, crying hysterically. Then I heard a voice say, “This is due to the wealth that is not fairly distributed in China, so people are oppressed by those who grabbed the wealth unjustly.” I suddenly saw a big truck unloading a full truck load of money. I didn’t recognize the currency. It was not USD or Chinese RMB, but a very strange currency. I did not recall the exact number of the money either, but its value suddenly surprised me. I got the impression that its value was worth two hundred million or more. I received the impression that a wealth transfer will happen in China to help believers in Christ and those who pursue social justice, to reform China.

Shortly after this encounter, on the same night, this old Chinese lady came to take me to heaven. I was struggling with her for a long time because I did not recognize her as the Lord in the beginning, but she overcame me with her power, and I started to fly with her. We flew to the top of China, and I saw that the houses that the Chinese people lived in were like matchboxes. It seemed to me that there were no ceilings. I could see the people who lived in these matchbox type of houses. Then we flew higher and higher to heaven, and I was able to see some wonderful scenes there. I felt a great force pushing me behind my lower back; it was quite a ride flying to heaven. Eventually we landed in a building. I looked in the building and discovered people gathering for a meeting. There seemed to be a preacher standing at the platform as well. Then I was led to stand in another building where I faced a glassy window. I could see through the window that people were coming to heaven one by one as if they were coming upstairs on an escalator in the mall. I was very surprised by this scene. It was at this moment I found out who the old Chinese lady was. As she stood behind me, I asked her, and she jokingly told me that her name was “Christ Lee.” She was still trying to show me her Chinese identity by giving me a Chinese last name. Finally, I recognized her as the disguise of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Once I recognized the Lord, he appeared as Jesus. Suddenly, I saw a cherub flying toward me and I exclaimed, “Is this the cherubim I read about in the Bible?” I was given a positive answer. Then the Lord spoke to me again while he presented several people in front me. It was like seeing pictures in the display of a museum window, but their pictures stood in the middle of the air. The Lord said to me, “Do you want to be like one of them?” I cannot remember who these people were, but I perceived in my spirit they were some of God’s generals from the past. I understood that the Lord was asking if I wanted to be used by the Lord like they were used in the past. I was immediately overcome by the thought, and I started to hysterically cry. I spoke back to the Lord, “I am willing in my spirit, but my flesh is weak. I still cannot overcome some weaknesses.” Then I started to hear a group of Chinese saints of glory singing in Chinese. It was the most beautiful melody I have ever heard. I can’t recall the meaning of those four stanzas of the Chinese hymn that I heard, but it was surely comforting to me.

This happened on the last day of 2017, and I perceived in my spirit that God has great plans for China’s future. A huge wave of wealth transfer, a social justice movement, and the gospel being preached will be released to China.

A Revival and Reconciliation of Chinese Society

God also often uses my former Chinese college in my prophetic dreams. One night, in a dream, I was dropped through the chimney of my former school’s kitchen. In actuality, there was no chimney in my college at all, so I think this chimney might have represented the preaching of the gospel. And my appearance could be a representation of believers in Christ. Just like Santa came through a chimney with gifts, the gospel will be preached to China as Jesus’ best gift ever of eternal life. Unfortunately, the people who were in the kitchen were so shocked by my sudden ‘dropping off’ that they strongly resisted me, and I was pushed back. In the next scene, I found a big tree near the roof, so I slid down it to the ground. When I reached the ground, fierce battles occurred, and I was tossed back and forth. Eventually, the victory was won, and I found myself laying in a reclining chair conversing in peace with two friends. One friend was a coworker of mine in China who is currently a communist party member. Another was an alumni friend who lives in the US who is also a Chinese dissident. This scene is prophetic to me as it shows that one day the Chinese society will receive reconciliation among different people. We are taking down the Chinese Communist Party and the evil spirits behind it. Most Chinese people, including CCP members, are good people.

Chinese Dissidents: Thank you for Preaching the Gospel

In another prophetic dream, I was riding a bicycle and some Chinese dissidents were chasing after me on bikes. I did not know what they wanted to do to me, so I rode faster. Eventually they reached me and stopped me. The leader of these groups of people said to me, “Thank you for your preaching and the book you wrote. These really helped us to succeed in our pursuit of a Chinese democracy.” I looked at them with astonishment. They were in their middle fifties, and I was in my middle forties. Puzzled, I said to them, “How could I have helped you since I am younger than you?” In the next scene, we were in the Christian Brother House I used to live in near the University of Southern California. It was there that I was baptized to be a Christian. Although the leader’s face in my dream resembled only one democratic leader of real life, I know this person was meant to represent the whole Chinese democratic movement. The group of them were chatting with us in a Christian atmosphere.

Later, I realized this was a prophetic dream meant to remind me that God is calling me to preach the gospel to these groups of people and be part of this democratic process in China. I represent believers in Christ in this dream. Our gospel preaching will help China to eventually become a democratic nation and the gospel will be received by many new Chinese people including political leaders.

A Cartoon Book of People Coming to Heaven

After this dream, I began to ponder what God would lead me to do with political movements. Though I worked in media in the US and often got the chance to connect with Chinese dissidents, I always kept my distance with political figures or political movements. Yet, in 2017 there arose a different political movement led by a very controversial person. I focused on my schoolwork at United Theological Seminary from 2017-2022, but like many other Chinese people, my wife became influenced by this movement and joined it. I was very much against it in the beginning because I was not sure if she was being deceived, but she insisted on joining the cause to take down the CCP. I earnestly prayed to God for His leading. On the following night, I had this dream.

I was taken into the bookroom of the leader of this movement, and I was led to read a comic book telling about how people will come to heaven. It was a vivid comic book with details for different persons going to heaven. I was scanning through it, and I heard a voice saying, “Your wife has read some pages of this book and you haven’t read it.”

In another dream, I was riding an airplane with this leader person to beautiful gold mines. In a different dream, I was conversing with this mystery man and realized God was writing a book with this man’s picture on the cover.

After praying over these dreams, I finally got it. God was telling me He is behind this political movement and that this political movement will start a platform for Christians to preach the gospel to China. As a result, the gospel preaching will produce better citizens within China which will eventually help this political movement to establish a democracy in China. After all this, I did join this movement and I started to utilize the platforms this movement creates to preach the gospel to these democracy loving people in and out of China.

The CCP’s Days Are Numbered

Due to the nature of these prophetic dreams, I did not mention the name of this movement before. I did not want people to think I was promoting this movement, but I feel I was literally chased down by them just as it was in one of my dreams, except this time through my wife. I was “chased” by my wife to eventually join this movement, and God also showed me it is of Him.

I started to share this conviction with other Christian friends, but some Christian friends asked me to rethink my decision due to the controversial nature of this movement. They also questioned the character of the leader of this movement. I prayed to God again seriously because of this. In a dream, God showed me a picture. I was walking around in very big tents that CCP officials set up. They were having a feast to celebrate the fact that they received salvation through Jesus Christ. God showed me though this dream that many CCP officials are watching our broadcast, and many will receive Him through our preaching of the gospel. This greatly encouraged me.

With Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power and the threat of war against Taiwan and other places, it seems the world is going through horrible trials. Yet, there is a different spiritual reality. The CCP’s days are numbered. God did not show me the dates or the calendar month of the change of the Chinese regime, but just as in my vision, the great revival came first and then the evil spirit behind the CCP was bound. I believe God is using these circumstances to bring a massive harvest in China. Can you imagine how China and the world will look if the CCP no longer existed in this world? This is something we will see shortly if I may be so bold. We don’t know when, but the date will suddenly come upon us.